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Led by sisters Michelle and Nicole Artinian, the Artinian Realty Group is a dynamic, full-service team utterly devoted to building lifelong client relationships. “The relationships we create with our clients are everything. Being seen asknowledgeable and completely trustworthy, both inside and outside of real estate, is always our ultimate goal,” Nicole explains.

Lifelong AngelenosMichelle and Nicole were raised by an avid residential and commercial property investor father, and he instilled the value of real estate in them from an early age. The sisters both earned their degrees from the University of San Diego, and they each worked alongside their father to build a solid business foundation before entering real estate full-time.In fact, by working with the Artinian Realty Group, clients reap the benefits of working with a duo that has literally worked together their entire lives.

Michelle and Nicole are very similar in their passion for real estate and their tireless work ethic, but they also offerunique skill sets that complement one another. They motivate each other, they deliver twice the support and accessibility, and they act as and extra pair of eyes and ears to make sure every detail is handled. “Working together as a real estate team is a natural progression for Michelle and me,” says Nicole. “We’ve been inseparable best friends our whole lives, and we know instinctively how to work well together for the benefit of our clients.”

In addition to real estate, Michelle and Nicole share a passion for baking and cooking. When they aren’t hard at work for their clients, you can find them in the kitchen perfecting their latest inventive recipe. With a brisk rate of success averaging a closed transaction every few weeks, Nicole and Michelle are on a path to fulfill lifelong real estate dreams, both for their clients and themselves.

Meet The Girls


Nicole Artinian

Having resided in Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs, Nicole Artinian knows the South California real estate landscape like no other. As she puts it, “I’ve lived in these cities, I know these markets, and I’ve seen firsthand how they’ve changed over the years.”

In fact, Nicole has had a passion for real estate for as long as she can remember. Thanks to her investor father, she was exposed to buying, selling and property management from a young age. Her father instilled in her the value of ownership, and she’s owned and managed her own commercial properties for some time. “My father always told us, ‘No matter what you do, own the land,'” she says.

After learning important lessons in business and problem-solving while managing one of her father’s auto body shops, Nicole formalized her education at the University of San Diego where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis on sales and negotiation coursework. In fact, she considers negotiating to be one of her strongest skills as an agent. “I’m not an in-your-face person, but I am a firm negotiator. I know how to get to yes on both sides of the table.”

With deep expertise in residential, commercial and multi-family real estate, Nicole is a powerful resource to those looking to buy or sell throughout Southern California. For her, the ultimate reward is making the dream of property ownership a reality for others, like her father did for her. “Finding someone a home or property that they love or garnering an incredible return on investment is incredibly fulfilling. That’s really exciting for me.” A Los Angeles native, Nicole currently splits her time between San Diego and LA. She has a passion for discovery and can often be found exploring great properties, attractions and restaurants all over Southern California.
Nicole and her sister Michelle are the Artinian Realty Group at Corcoran.

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Email: Nicole@ArtinianRealtyGroup.com
Phone: 310.709.8426
CalBRE # 02024464


Michelle Artinian

Los Angeles native Michelle Artinian has been surrounded by real estate her entire life. Her late father was an avid investor in both commercial and residential properties throughout Southern California. In fact, Michelle’s first jobs were working alongside her father and sister in the family businesses.

While a real estate career was always in the cards, Michelle built a solid business foundation before entering the profession full-time. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business, with an emphasis in marketing, from the University of San Diego. After college, Michelle worked in the high-stakestech startup world where she learned the value of agile multi-tasking, time management and unfailing grace under pressure. The entrepreneurial environment also honed her exceptional marketing and social media skillsand her effortless ability to nurture client relationships, all of which benefits her real estate clientele to this day.

As real estate professional, Michelle is known her laser-sharp attention to detail, and she’s consistently able to notice things others might overlook. Above all else, Michelle is dedicated tounwavering integrity and devoted client service. “Relationships are always more important than transactions,” she says. “Building trust and really getting to know clients is the cornerstone of every great business relationship.” Michelle resides in Toluca Lake where she adores the quaint, small-town vibe away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With an innately generous spirit, she has had lifelong a passion for giving back, especially to organizations addressing hunger, such as Feeding America. When she’s not hard at work, she loves spending time with family, travelling and hiking in the great Los Angeles hills and canyons.

Michelle and her sister Nicole are the Artinian Realty Group at Corcoran.

Contact Info

Email: Michelle@ArtinianRealtyGroup.com
Phone: 310.709.7130
CalBRE # 02055796